For a number of years the evolutions of the world raise fundamental questions. With the technological and digital progress of the last decades, everything seems to be going faster… information, communication, transactions, innovations… to such a point that Man seems at times overrun by his own creations and what they engender.

Great humanitarian and environmental crises, conflicts between states or populations, social fragmentations and men’s great difficulties to be and live together… Here are a series of indicators that alert us on the urgency of doing something about it.

With the big challenges humanity is facing, what better way to serve the stakes that will shape tomorrow’s world than documentaries? That is why we have chosen to produce documentary films to get people to think about the world around them. A powerful tool to raise awareness, inform, educate, support and alert… A perfect tool to give everyone the keys to understand what is needed to act and let everyone rise to the challenges of making a better world for future generations.

Over the 25 years we have been producing documentaries, we have always made films to make things move forward. We also pay particular attention to the quality of our productions, the relevance of their content and their treatment that we resolutely want positive. The approach, without refuting the impact of inculpatory films, provides a different look on issues, letting everyone understand how he or she can act at his or her level.

This is how we are proud to have covered such sensitive issues as climate change, the pollution of oceans, the trade of the living, the excesses of globalisation or even the preservation of our heritage.


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